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25 years old, living, loving, and creating in new york city

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Finally Finished :)
pen and pencil
Doodle time #sketch #portrait
"Buried in the sea" watercolor, micron, and colored pencil. #illustration #art #skull
Distant Dreamer
-watercolor, micron, and colored pencil.

<3 Rae
In progress
Doodle days #ganesh #strength
Shout out to my girl @aishazamm for always pushing me creatively. Special thanks to@gypsywarrior  who hosted the event where I met many other creatives that help inspire me to keep doing what you love.
Working on a collaborative painting with the one and only @aishazamm  ♡♡♡ #collab #artists #mural
How I spend my days home sick #doodle

Anonymous said: When draw or paint do you use reference pictures or can you imagine what you want on paper and then your body just listens?

I like to use reference images, more so when it comes to faces and different facial expressions. For the most part its a collection of reference images and some imagination thrown in the mix.

eileen1127 said: Hi my name is Eileen and i don't necessarily have a question but i love your work! I have been saving the pictures of your art that i find on tumblr for a few months now and i just LOVE THEM!! The way you use the water color is in my opinion beautiful!! If you have a website or something i would love to buy your work! So in the end it is a question:)

Thank you so much for your kind words! I’m currently selling my work on which is pretty affordable. If you ever see an illustration on my blog but not my website you can always send me a message :)

biddah said: Your illustration's are so gorgeous!

Thank you!!! <3 <3

formaechromae said: immediate follow. holy tits, you're talented.

haha well thank you <3 

Love , painting,  exploring,  and nature are the necessities to my happiness