25 years old, living, loving, and creating in new york city
  • Finished piece <3 @shaughnessybrown, best of luck in London!

  • Progress :-) @smokeandmirrorsparlor #painting #mural #art

  • Finally finished :) Love this blogger and her style! 


  • Cannot wait to continue painting her this weekend!

  • Hard at work at @smokeandmirrorsparlor with @melissastyleshair and @emmanuel_rosario :-)

  • "In dreams with flowers"

    watercolor, micron, and colored pencil

    Rae <3

  • Finally Finished :)

    pen and pencil

  • Doodle time #sketch #portrait

  • "Buried in the sea" watercolor, micron, and colored pencil. #illustration #art #skull

  • Distant Dreamer

    -watercolor, micron, and colored pencil.

    <3 Rae

  • Doodle days #ganesh #strength

  • Shout out to my girl @aishazamm for always pushing me creatively. Special thanks to@gypsywarrior who hosted the event where I met many other creatives that help inspire me to keep doing what you love.

  • Working on a collaborative painting with the one and only @aishazamm ♡♡♡ #collab #artists #mural