Some Call Me Rae

24 years old, living, loving, and creating in new york city <3

Sketching and tanning on rooftops :)
-pen, pencil, and digital
&lt;3 Rae
Almost killed my hand sketching this but it was worth it.
Long meetings means more sketching
Brainstorming some sketches and enjoying this summer rain :)
-watercolor, micron, colored pencil, and copic.
So excited to be painting something different! 
Rainy days are my favorite painting days :)
"Shades of Lavender" -acrylic and micron 
Sketchbook doodles
&lt;3 Rae
Getting in the groove
"The Queen has Fallen"
-watercolor, micron, and copic
up and coming collaboration :) coming soon!
-rae &lt;3
"Like Dried Flowers" -watercolor

&lt;3 Rae
Painting all day, perfect way to spend memorial weekend
When you mix your coffee cups with you painting water cups&#8230; more color! Good start to a beautiful saturday :)
Hey Guys!! 
If you have a moment, please check out some of my illustrations on Society6! Feel free to give me any feedback as well! &lt;3 

Rae &lt;3